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Alpha™ Mobility Back Office

The ViaPlus state-of-the-art software application offers scalable, flexible, and modular integration of customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning to deliver a complete business solution for the digital mobility ecosystem.

Alpha’s™ high-volume transaction and payment processing engines provide the mobility landscape with proven, full-featured back-office functionality, including omnichannel customer access, 360° view of customer data, and robotic automation for many routine functions. Open APIs support interoperability between different operators and enable applications across mobility providers to deliver broad solutions for end users.


Optimized for Operational Efficiency & Customer Account Management
  • Fully supports self-service management of all account and transaction types
  • Optimized User Interface (UI) design to ensure maximum functionality and user experience
  • Customer queries are streamlined for operator efficiency and quick resolution
  • Single integrated payment platform for all modes of transportation
Transaction Processing & Revenue Collection
  • Our powerful back office system accepts different transaction types and can integrate myriad transportation modes that can be booked and paid for from a single user account
  • Transaction management based on configurable business rules improves billing accuracy and revenue collection
  • Multiple built-in views and reconciliation reports
Financial & Audit Management
  • Seamless combination of intricate tolling financial transactions with a logical workflow for transparent tracking and reporting
  • Links each process with the corresponding financial entry to validate, record, and report financial data for accounting and auditability
  • Financial activities tied to business processes that connect the operational activity with the master financial data, driving all financial postings
  • Data output can be customized for accounting and reporting needs
  • Built-in accounting system records each activity as general ledger entries and provides detailed financial reporting and reconciliation
  • Accounting system features full general ledger capabilities and can fully integrate with external accounting systems
Automated Image Processing & Manual Image Review
  • AI-enhanced Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) and Manual Image Review (MIR) modules comprise the ViaPlus Image Processing Solution (IPS)
  • Machine learning and optimized processing capabilities minimize revenue leakage and improve accuracy
  • Feature-rich manual image review (MIR) system has controls to reduce human error, ensure reliability, and increase license plate capture
Issuing & Acquiring Features

In India*, Alpha’s™ issuing and acquiring features enable national and private banks to issue FASTags and process ETC tolls, parking, and fuel services for road users as a third party.

The Issuing System enables a third party to offer toll services to road users by selling tags.

The Acquiring System enables them to pay ETC tolls for drivers and to settle the charges via contracts with the road concessionaire or central clearinghouse. It interfaces with the operational back office (OBO) across all toll domains to submit customer and tag information, and retrieve trip/transaction data to be billed to the customer.

ViaPlus accounts receivable processes and accounting are in full compliance with India’s rigorous financial governance requirements.

*Alpha™ was previously known as CEBA – Central Electronic Back Office – in India


Process and Technology for Operational Excellence


Haven™ Customer Service Operations

ViaPlus brings 25 years of expertise in customer service centers (CSC) with a specialized focus on design, transition, and operations.

Our customer-centric model integrates business tools with operational touchpoints, delivered by a team with demonstrated experience in employing proven processes and technology to deliver excellent customer service. We specialize in operating Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) contracts that typically include customer account management services, enforcement processes, payment services, image review services, and tag (transponder) inventory management.


Customer Service Center Operations

CSC operations solutions and technical innovations are tightly coupled with a quality-driven organizational culture, delivered through:

  • A culture of collaboration that drives continuous optimizations and award-winning innovation
  • Design and implementation of commercial back-office and CSC technical systems that bridge system design and understanding of operational efficiency
  • Comprehensive customer and relationship management services
  • Technical platforms that deliver automation and self-service efficiencies, quality output, and performance uniformity
  • Modern software to increase operational effectiveness and maximize revenue collection
  • Operational data-driven decision-making, supported through smart analytics
  • Innovative payment solutions
  • Staffing strategies to deliver reduced wait times, efficient call resolutions, and a superior customer experience
Customer Communications
  • Dynamic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automated Call Distribution (ACD) solutions deliver an omnichannel customer experience
  • Inbound correspondence and payments management through all customer communication channels
  • Case management and customer issue resolution
  • Correspondence management: identification, processing, and tracking of all customer tickets including scanning and cataloging all correspondence to the appropriate account
Transponder Management
  • Comprehensive inventory services include distribution, inventory management, and retail program management
  • Transponder location tracking
  • Inventory maintenance at retail locations for various transactions (eg, replacing a defective tag and assigning it to a vehicle)
Training & Retention
  • Automated training, learning management, and workforce technology and processes deliver professionally-trained and knowledgeable staff
  • Training methodology to improve the customer experience, increase employee retention, and enhance agent skills
  • Creative incentive programs designed to hire, train, and retain quality staff
Walk-In Centers
  • Buildout and operation of retail and customer walk-up centers
  • Facility design and layouts optimize staffing, reporting structure, and workflow
  • Full account services for in-person customers

Maximize Revenue Capture

Sightline™ Image Review

High-resolution images and Automatic Image Processing support the nearly full automation of a video toll system, but scenarios remain where human observation and Manual Image Review is required to guarantee the highest accuracy. ViaPlus provides both automatic and manual image processing and can easily interface with existing back office or host systems. Together, these modules create the best results for posting data transactions, and enable toll road agencies to boost their revenue collection by preventing leakage.

The ViaPlus image review service integrates diverse business rules in the workflows for quality assurance, and can also work with agencies for customer dispute reprocessing.


Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software and machine learning algorithms automatically analyze images or videos captured by traffic cameras.
  • Captured images are pre-processed to enhance clarity by adjusting contrast, size, font, and recognition of plate syntaxis.
  • Identified license plates are post-processed with quality metrics to refine results and improve accuracy.
  • Final automated verification occurs when all of metrics have been met, otherwise the transaction is subject to manual review processing.
Manual Image Review (MIR)
  • Experienced and trained staff who know the region’s license plates, traffic patterns, camera lane issues, and can even recognize habitual violators.   
  • Efficient workflow. MIR queues are designed with minimal keystrokes and user-friendly screens.
  • Configurable agency business rules determine options of single review, double-blind review, code off reviews, supervisor/escalation queues, extensive audit processing, and customer dispute reprocessing.
  • ViaPlus Manual Image Review services generate reliable data for identifying the Registered Owner of the Vehicle (ROV).   
  • Web-Based Access Image Review Application is customizable and available 24/7/365 

Data Visualization

Compass™ Smart Data Hub

ViaPlus collects and manages exabytes (one million terabytes) of traffic, operational, and finance data for our clients and internal use. We offer various analytics solutions, including Engineered Decision Intelligence, that connect, collect, and organize data from across a project for a complete picture of project health and performance.

Clients can get ahead of industry changes or system performance issues with real-time data analysis on desktop or mobile devices. ViaPlus data scientists use the latest technology in machine learning to produce analytics for our clients in their decision-making process and to improve operational excellence.