About Us

Who We Are

ViaPlus is a global mobility company in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market, specializing in revenue and services management solutions for the transportation industry. Our customer operations, data analytics, and full-featured single-account back office technology facilitate the
high-volume transactions, required for seamless multimodal mobility. As a VINCI Concessions subsidiary, we are committed to technical innovation and to promoting a positive mobility
experience for all.

What We Do

We serve enterprises that require high-volume, real-time transactions processing with the highest levels of accuracy, especially where revenue reconciliation and customer account management are key deliverables to the customer experience.

Our flagship back office system enables Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) with a “one account” feature that supports multimodal transportation solutions. In a rapidly-changing environment, ViaPlus maintains a strong focus on technology and continuous R&D to improve agency efficiencies, reduce operating expenses, and maximize revenue – all while providing exceptional customer service.

Our Footprint

ViaPlus is headquartered near Dallas, Texas and maintains offices across the United States and in France, India, and Ireland. We are part of the global network of VINCI Concessions, an international player in transport infrastructure with projects in 23 countries.

VINCI Highways, a VINCI Concessions subsidiary, is a leader in road concessions, operation and mobility services. We design, finance, build and operate motorways, bridges, tunnels, urban roads and mobility services on a network of 4,100 km in 15 countries. VINCI Highways leverages its expertise to deliver the highest performance and safety standards and treat drivers to a positive experience.

We create #PositiveMobility

As part of VINCI Concessions, we share a common commitment: to promote what we call Positive Mobility.

We do this by growing connections between people: by bringing mobility to a wide range of territories and users, and by reinforcing mobility’s positive impact through innovation and investment.

Each day, #WeActFor our five commitments with VINCI Concessions to improve mobility across our projects and facilities.
1) Environment
2) People
3) Prosperity
4) Safety
5) Innovation

See the projects and motivation of the VINCI Concessions group in the video below: